Arvind Kejriwal appeals Anna to end his fast

Anna HazareThis may sound ridiculous, but  several members of Team Anna are not satisfied with the way Anna Hazare has gone for the fast.  Prominent member Arvind Kejriwal has requested him not to go with  fast on the grounds of  his illing health.

Kiran Bedi was reported saying,  “He has fever, let us request him to stop his fast. Anna can continue his Dharna“.

“Anna is unwell. Will you request Anna to withdraw his fast?” Bedi asked the crowd, which responded with a loud “Yes”.

But Anna has been reluctant to give up his fast. He was quoted saying “Dil diya hai, he vatan, tere liye jaan bhi de denge”.

This time situation is quite worse. Anna has been suffering from  cold and  fever past 3 days. Doctors had suggested him not to go ahead with the fast.  “He is a little weak as of now. His blood pressure and other vital parameters are normal. He has got a little cough and cold but he is getting better,” his doctor D G Pote said yesterday