Microsoft Survey puzzles Indian Internet users

MSN aka Microsoft Network, the Web wing of software giant Microsoft, is conducting a survey for the most Admired Indian Leader. It is open for voting for all Internet Users. The Survey can be taken here.

The present Results however are surprising to most of the Indian Internet Users.
1. In survey Rahul Gandhi leads the position of most admired leader followed by Narendra Modi and Anna Hazare .
2. While Vote count in other popular categories is within 1-2 Lakhs, the vote count in Leaders Section has crossed millions.
3. Most Popular among Netizens Anna Hazare, could get 4 lakhs vote only.(Please note this ).

Snapshot Taken at 5:30 PM IST on December 25,2011

Microsoft Survey for most Admired Indian Leader
Snapshot Taken at 5:30 PM IST on December 25,2011

An angry Facebook user reports that Rahul Gandhi was having only 50,000 votes when Narendra Modi was having 570567 votes, then HOW all of a sudden could Rahul manage to get so much votes??

If the popularity on Internet is to be considered, it can be established beyond doubt that Narendra Modi and Anna Hazare are most popular among net users. NAMO (short form of Narendra Modi), many times continously trends on Twitter for several days. “Anna Hazare” has been declared as the fastest Rising searched Item in India by Google.

People are suspecting the survey and concluding that there is something fishy behind it. “This is impossible. This survey is a fraud”, writes another Facebook User.

Infact people have started a counter campaign to promote Narendra Modi in the survey. This has been effective and the margin between Rahul and Narendra Modi is getting closer.
However several Questions remain unanswered. Is this survey biased? How so many votes have been cast in Leaders Category, while the category of Film Stars and Sports Person are begging for votes?

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