India to observe Earth Hour on March 31

Whole World is observing Earth Hour  on March 31st. Worldwide campaigns are being organized to  appeal people to switch off lights during Earth Hour  in order to save Electricity.

Over a billion people in over 5,500 cities across the globe, will participate in the largest voluntary action for environment by switching off all electrical appliances and lighting fixtures.

Powe distribution firm BSES has appealed its consumers to switch Off Lights during Earth Hour.

“BSES appeals to its customers to unequivocally support the event and voluntarily switch off their non-essential electric appliances on Saturday, March 31 for an hour staring 8.30 pm,” a BSES official said.

The distcom will be sending SMSes and mailers to nearly 8 lakh customers other than reaching out to resident welfare associations (RWA) in the national capital and engaging BSES employees in the initiative.

“It takes around 5,000 tonnes of coal to generate 1 MW of power, so with every megawatt saved Delhiites will be doing their bit to save the environment,” the official said.

Delhiites enjoy the highest per capita 1,651-unit power consumption and Delhi is looking at close to 5,400 MW peak load during the summer of 2012, according to the official.

An initiative by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the hour-long mass campaign saw Delhiites save around 300 MW power in 2011.