Patna to be decorated blue during Bihar Diwas Celebrations

Come Bihar Diwas and the entire Patna will be submerged in Blue lights. In a half-page advertisement in local Hindi dailies, Bihar State state tourism department has asked people in the city to put up blue lights, buntings and even paint their homes and offices to show their commitment to the development of the state.

The appeal has gone out to citizens and business establishments.

The centenary celebration, set to start on March 22, marks 100 years since the British carved out Bihar from Bengal Presidency on March 22, 1912.

The Bihar Urban Infrastructure Corporation has also decided to paint the Buddha Smriti Park in Patna blue. Besides, the corporation will use tens of thousands of blue LED lights, tube lights and metal lights to decorate the 22-acre premises for the three-day celebrations, an official said.

The tourism department is hoping that all prominent buildings – government and commercial – will be bathed in blue with illuminations.