Poonam Pandey comes in rescue of Air India crew

Poonam Pandey in Red DressInternet Celebrity and model Poonam Pandey has openly come out in the  rescue and support of Air India Crew who have not been paid salaries past 5 months and have decided to go on strike, starting from April 2.

‎The Interget Girl tweeted , ” #WasOnFlight #AirIndia And while leaving that Crew told me shedding tears, that mam can u get this Problem of us in Notice #NotPaidSince5Months”.

One of the crew members told her that  because of non payment since past 5 months he had to Stop his Sons Tuition Classes.

She  further tweeted, “My Heart Bleeds for Air India Crew, who are not being Paid for past 5 Months… i wonder how are they sustaning themselves”.

Meanwhile, three rounds of talks  of Air India Employee Unions with the  management failed today.  As many as seven unions out of the 13 today had three rounds of meetings with the management here, but management could not give us a written commitment for full payment of our salaries and performance-linked incentives, which have not been paid for the past five months,” union sources said.

However, Air India management sources say,  “All the major Air India unions, including those of the pilots, met the management this evening here and we have assured them to clear salaries and performance-linked incentives of one month next early month; and clear all arrears by May when the government will infuse money”

It is not clear, whether the efforts of Poonam Pandey  ould force Management to pay the due salaries  and prevent the strike, but surely she did something good for the employees welfare. Come on Poonam and strip this time for Air India employees, if they are paid all their arrears and Salaries.