Is West Bengal becoming the hub of Lawlessness ?

April 4, IISER Scientist in West Bengal arrested for an anti-eviction drive after after the state government demolished some shanties in Nonadanga, east of the city on March 30.

April 12, Jadavpur University professor Ambikesh Mahapatra arrested for mocking Mamta Bannerjee Cartoons.Police charged Ambikesh Mahapatra with cyber crime offences.

April 17, Retired scientist’s 30 yr old daughter stripped and thrashed in Bengal outside her house. The people who assaulted her were members of a club belonging to a club inclusive of CPM and Trinamool Party Workers.

Police took their time responding to her SOS. The two policemen who finally arrived did not bother to take a complaint, or help her and her father, Aparesh Bhattacharya, get to a hospital.

They left them bleeding on the road. They picked themselves up and went to SSKM to get their wounds treated and could file a complaint at Baruipur police station only on Tuesday

Lets see what people say about this

V. N. De (Kolkata)

This act of Mamata Govt in West Bengal is shamelessly dictatorial! If she cannot bear criticism, she must quit politics.Doesn’t she know the days of dictators like Gaddafi, Assad and Abdullah Saleh are over? A democratically elected government must have the courage to bear the criticism–whether right or wrong? It is almost clear to the world that Mamta Bannerjee has failed as an elected representative of the people.

Javed Rasool

Unbelievable! Getting arrested for posting cartoons of Mamata di,, the chief minister of West Bengal….has Mamata gone mad for arresting people for displaying disssent…Are we not living in a democracy where it is our right to dissent? She is as autocratic as the CPM which she accused of being autocratic and fought to get rid of them


Mamata Banerjee and her beloved followers will soon understand that Facebook is not TMC – nor is silicon valley Kalighat – they have no jurisdiction over FB to subpoena them to do expose the identities of the so-called perpetrators… It was just a joke – we see cartoons like that all the time on everyone out here everyday!!! Seriously – grow up and act like leaders to focus on the zillions of problems you have at hand…

Several Jokes are getting circulated on Internet about the West Bengal Government.  People are terming West Bengal as Waste Bengal.

1) Why did Mamata Banerjee cross the road? To see if the chicken was making fun of her,”…..

2) Dear Mamata, normally the cartoonist tries to capture the subject. Not vice versa.”

3) Didi tera thevar deewana….. Hai ram psycho ka hai zamana…….

4)A boy was repeatedly shouting at the top of his voice: “The Chief Minister is a psycho”. The police rushed in and said “Hey, how dare you say that our Chief Minister is a psycho? We will arrest you”. The boy said “Oh no, please let me go, I meant the Chief Minister of Bihar”. The Police Officer: “Don’t lie, do you think we do not know which Chief Ministers is a psycho


Mamta Di, Are you hearing all this?‘People  had immense faith and expectations from you and they are losing all them