Bihar CM wants immediate withdraw of NCTC

Demanding an immediate withdrawal of the order for creation of the NCTC, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Saturday said the notification suffered from several legal and procedural defects.

At the chief ministers’ meeting called by the central government, Nitish Kumar said if the union government deemed it prudent to form an outfit like NCTC within the Intelligence Bureau, then it must be given powers to investigate cases.

“I am of the considered opinion that the order issued regarding constitution of NCTC should be withdrawn immediately,” he said.

“Further, any such outfit, if it has to be created at all, must be set up through the legislation of parliament. In any case, whatever is sought to be done must be within the framework of our Indian legal jurisprudence in a substantive way and not as subterfuge,” he said.

He asked the central government to pay attention to the states’ genuine concerns and address the issues raised by them.

The chief minister said he was disturbed to see the principle of federalism being violated in the course of the central government’s anti-terrorism onslaught.

He said if such powers were given to any intelligence agency, it will “remain prone to misuse” against political rivals.