Watch Online Satyamev Jayate Episode 12 on Water Pollution

Satyameva Jayate Aamir KhanSatyamev Jayate Episode 12 dealt with Water Pollution in Indian Water Bodies, as predicted by us.

Water Pollution and Scarcity is one of the gravest problems faced by a majority of Indian Population.  Though groundwater is abundant, it is not within reaches at every place. All over India, women walk thousands of kilometres every year to fetch the family’s daily water needs.

Is there enough water? India is a water adequate country but we are in danger of our water supply running out if we don’t take precautions.

Residents have to depend on Tankers to get water at many places.When the tanker arrives in a water-deprived area, it’s a free-for-all, and may the strongest win. Sometimes, it’s a battle which leaves casualties

In many places, wells are nearly dry, people have to carry water for miles, and battles break out over tanker rights. Water scarcity has led to people defending their store of the precious liquid with weapons, and agitations over water have led to people being injured and even killed.

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In India we revere our rivers and consider them capable of great powers such as washing away our sins. But, in the name of this purification, we have ended up turning water bodies into nothing but garbage receptacles. From bodies to ashes to medical waste, everything ends up in the water, poisoning both the rivers and ourselves.

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In the audience are people from different parts of the country who have understood the value of water and have begun conserving and harvesting it. One of them is Hanumant Kendre, who comes from Nagdarwadi, which has overcome water problems through natural means. By following this example, the whole of India can rid itself of the crippling burden of water scarcity.

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For those living in cities, the only solution to water woes seems to be bringing it from outside. But let us not forget that the greatest bounty comes straight down to us from the sky — the rain, which, if properly harvested and stored, can alleviate water problems to a great degree.

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Water is vital for life, and yet we have been squandering it without thinking, without realizing its value. We need to urgently take steps so as to reverse the damage done, and start conserving this precious natural resource, in order to safeguard our own future and well-being, before it is too late.

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Watch Online the Episode Song, Jal Na Jaye Jal, a beautifully arranged composition featuring the jaltarang, lyrics by Munna Dhiman, music by Ram Sampath and sung by Sukhwinder Singh.

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