Seven Reasons why Team Anna’s Fast is Less Effective This Time

Anna Hazare Fasting at Jantar MantarTeam Anna has been fasting from past one week. Key Aides of Anna, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Prashant Bhushan have been on Fast since last Tuesday but it has failed to make a precedented impact on Media or failed to arouse public sentiments like earlier.  There are many reasons for this.

1. Unlike other times, Anna Hazare didnot start fasting on his own. It was only when Government showed indifference and inaction that he was forced to take up the fast against Medical Warnings. Other Team Anna Members donot enjoy same stature as that of Anna and in no ways are a substitute to Anna

2. Media played a very passive role for the Coverage of  Team Anna’s Fast. One reason might be because of several important incidents happeing in parallel which diverted Media’s Attention. This includes London Olympics, Assam Riots and Tamil Nadu Express Fire and Power Blackout in North India.

3. People have started taking Anna Hazare and his team Lightly. The Same public sentiment doesnot flow now and many people find it ineffective in the wake of results of previous fasts

4. UPA Government is playing a suppressive Policy towards this Movement. According to some sources, many Journalists are being threatened of dire consequences if they continued to support Team Anna.

5. Opposition Parties have parted with Team Anna after their recent Critisism of BJP Led NDA Government.

6. UPA Government is busy in internal conflicts and rearrangement and it is busy preparing for upcoming polls so a les attention is levied on issues raised by Anna

7.  Government seems to remain assured that the Fast would end by August 8 as Team Anna hasnot been granted permission after that by Delhi Police.