Why is Center delaying Special Category Status to Bihar ?

Ever Since Nitish Kumar came to power, he has been demanding special Category Status to Bihar. This would empower Bihar to attract more Industrial Houses, foster rapid industrialization creating speedy money flow and a bouquet of employment opportunities.

As a Democratic Elected  Body,  the Central Government should have no hesitation in granting Special Status to Bihar. Bihar has abundance of cheap manpower. The State only lacks infrastructure.  If it kicks off Rapid Industrialization in Bihar, the Central Govt would in fact earn much more in revenues compared to what it loses by granting special status to Bihar.

The only problem is everyone wants to take credit for it. Ever since Nitish came to  power, he has been granted all credit for the development of Bihar so far. This was never eyed with pleasure both by his opponents and his allies. The Race is actually for the credit for Bihar’s development, not for the welfare of its people.

RJD Leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, recently revealed that Nitish Kumar was the one who opposed Bihar Government’s plea for special status in 2002, when NDA Government was at Center. At present the same is being done by allies of Congress.

According to some Political Analysts, Congress is trying to use this Special Status to woo Nitish Kumar out of NDA. This means you scratch my back, I scratch yours.  It is actually waiting for 2014. If it comes to power again, it can easily take Nitish out of NDA by granting the Status and take credit for Bihar’s Development. If it grants the Status now and Bihar shows some rapid industrialization, the entire credit would fall in the bags of Nitish led NDA Government in Bihar which may be prove costly for the UPA Allies in Bihar during 2014 elections.

BJP too is worried about losing a big ally in the form of JD(U). It secretly wishes that UPA Government doesnot grant special status to Bihar, so that Nitish remains within the fortress of NDA.

In his second term, Nitish Kumar has failed to replicate what he did during 2005-10. Bihar has hardly seen any industrialization despite long claims made by the Government. He is trying to make up for all this by fighting for special status.  Going by this speed, Bihar would hardly get Special Status before 2014 and when this happens Nitish would have only one year to prove the benefits of Special Status to the people of Bihar.

A small wave of resentment against Nitish has already started appearing in Bihar. The agitation by Teachers  ans subsequent Police Lathicharge further fueled this. In such a scenario, Nitish should focus on bringing more employment and fostering Industrialization in the state of Bihar.

Nitish has definitely done a commendable job by creating a better atmosphere in the state and promoting Bihari diaspora. But, with time the expectations of people get bigger and Kumar has failed to maintain his earlier pace of development.

Instead of comparing his tenure to the Dark Ages of Bihar, he should compare it with his previous tenure. Bihar needs massive service industrialization. It has a very high potential for Service , Tourism and IT based industries. It is a high time when Kumar needs to promote these industries in Bihar, else he would be unable to overcome the Ckakravyuh of Caste based politics in Bihar and may lose power in 2015 which would be bad both for him and for the state of Bihar.