Narendra Modi asks all to shun Caste Politics at Rally in Motihari

Patna: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Friday targeted Congress president Sonia Gandhi, saying she is “using words like `oonch-neech’ for vote bank politics”.

“Madam, you are president of the party but using words like oonch-neech (high-low) for vote bank politics. It does not look good,” Modi said while addressing an election meeting in Motihari in Bihar.

He said the likely defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha polls has disturbed and worried Sonia Gandhi.

Modi said caste-based politics will not benefit anyone in the country.

“Today caste-based politics is dominating in the country. But it is a fact that castiest politics will not benefit any one. The caste based politics should be ended for development of all,” Modi said.

He added if the BJP-led NDA comes to power, it will work for development of all.

“Mother-son duo have destroyed the country. Congress is talking of oonch-neech politics in the country,” he said while referring to Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi.