Dr. Abdul Kalam’s new Book A Manifesto for Change to release on July 14

A Book written by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and V. Ponraj is set to release by 14 July 2014 by Harper Collins publisher.

The book titled A Manifesto for Change : A Sequel to India 2020 aims to bring change in thinking and doing so with out-of-the-box creative thinking in the political system.

According to a statement on Dr. Kalam’s official Facebook Page, it is a book for practicing sustainable politics from Panchayat to Parliament. The price of the book is Rs 250, however it can be bought online from Flipkart for Rs. 186.

It is also available on the website of Amazon India for Rs. 176.

A Manifesto for Change, A Sequel to Vision 2020 by APJ Abdul Kalam

A Manifesto for Change, A Sequel to Vision 2020 by APJ Abdul Kalam

It helps anyone who is in the public service, or would like to do public service or would like to enter into public service politically to transform the nation economically, politically with inclusive policies for equitable growth.

It helps those who would like to contest in elections from Panchayat to State Legislative Assembly to Parliament effectively.

The book is non-political, but talks about innovative political system which can help to evolve an inclusive governance system for the people. It helps to bring sustainable governance system in every domain or every sector of the economy which helps the citizen to become globally competitive.

It helps the youth to become a political leader who wish to enter into politics and helps him or her to evolve the vision to provide a good governance to the people, and give him the way on how to work with integrity and succeed with integrity.

It helps the people how an eligible voter to select right type of candidate irrespective of the political parties.

It helps the people how not to get tempted by various considerations such as vowed by money, caste or other factors, since it creates political awareness by demanding their rights.

It gives an agenda for Panchayat to Parliament for the political leader to evolve their own vision for sustainable development.

It helps everybody in the family to get political awareness, so that they will not get influenced by the political alignments in choosing their candidates for election.

This book gives what is governance and politics in its best sense.