The Great Indian Octoberfest 2014: Mix of music and style

Bangalore: From mini-skirts to backless tops to midriff revealing crop tops and shorts in bright shades, the second day of the 10th edition of Kingfisher Premium – The Great Indian Octoberfest (TGIOF) – here saw young girls putting their best foot forward in terms of fashion while attending the shows of their favourite bands.

The three days of fun started Friday at E-Zone club here.

“It’s Octoberfest, an event that not only depicts music, but also style. In Bangalore, we hardly get the chance to dress up like this so, why to leave this chance. Aren’t we looking great?” asked 21-year-old Tina Desai, dressed in a figure-hugging little black dress. She matched it perfectly with a bright red lipstick.

For 26-year-old Raggeshwari Bhangra, who donned pink shorts and backless sequin top, travelled from Mumbai with her group of girlfriends, dressed equally glamorous. For them, it was an occasion to get themselves clicked with their friends and also with the bands, who were performing at the event.

“Our Facebook friends are waiting for some of our glamorous pictures, so we are here waiting for our favourite bands to finish performing. Hopefully, we will get one soon with them,” said Bhangra, who was later spotted grooving to the tracks churned out by band Bevar Sea.

Formed in 2010, the band has amassed a record number of fans with their blues-rock inspiration of the 1960s and 1970s. The band, that comprises Avinash Ramchander, Deepak Raghu, Rahul Chacko, Ganesh Krishnaswamy and Srikanth Panaman.

They captivated the crowd with catchy tunes, groovy rhythms, melodic solos and raspy vocals for sure. But one couldn’t avoid the frequent usage of abusive words by them while throwing beer cans at the audience and the crowd was seen enjoying it to the core.

The audience also got to witness a fashion show by designer Robert Naorem.

The elegant line of saris, free flowy gowns and dresses showcased by models like Jackie Besterwitch, Priyanka Diwan and Ava Safaei, was received well by the attendees, especially women, who were overheard making plans of approaching the designer and ordering a few of his creations.

Some of the other activities that caught attention of many was the Headbang arena. The area saw youngsters competing against each other at headbanging to win free beer. Oculus Rif, a virtual reality head-mounted display, was also the highlight of the festival.

To add to the fun, games, karaoke and songwriting contest were also held on the sidelines.

The day ended with the news of cancellation of the The Ocean Collective band’s performance. However, it was announced that the band will perform on Sunday.