Dumka Villagers nab a Maoist trying to extort money from Construction Workers

Dumka, June 03 (ANI): Villagers nabbed a suspected Maoist rebel accused of extorting money from bridge construction workers in Dumka district of Jharkhand.

A group of suspected Maoist rebels used weapons to threaten construction workers and extort money from them. Acting on tip-off villagers caught one of them and thrashed him. According to police they seized a pistol and mobile phone from the arrested man.

Security personnel frequently organise community policing to create awareness among villagers to combat insurgency activities. Mathew also added that the investigation is underway to find any connection between the culprit and Maoist rebel groups.

The villagers have reported that the rebels create panic in the region. The Maoists, also known as ‘Naxals’ seek the violent overthrow of the Indian state and have fought authorities for decades, particularly in rural areas of central and eastern India where they enjoy some support.

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