Technical Error in Mapping System led to US Attack on Afghan Hospital on October 3

A U.S. investigation says human error led to American forces targeting and destroying this Doctors Without Borders-run hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

U.S. Army General John Campbell says the investigation has found that U.S. personnel failed to follow their own rules of engagement.

“This was a tragic mistake (referring to the U.S air strike on MSF hospital in Kunduz). U.S forces would never intentionally strike a hospital or other protected facilities.”

The October 3rd strike killed 30 staff, patients and assistants while injuring 37 others.

Doctors Without Borders has said it told both Afghan forces and the Taliban of the hospital’s location.

Campbell admits the hospital was even on a no-strike list and that the organization called during the attack to alert the U.S.-led forces.

The investigation also points to a technical error in a mapping system that led U.S. fighter jets to attack the wrong target.

“The report determined that the U.S strike upon the MSF trauma centre in Kunduz city Afghanistan was the direct result of human error compounded by systems and procedural failures. The U.S forces directly involved in this incident did not know the target compound was the MSF trauma centre.”

Some U.S. personnel have been suspended and could face disciplinary action.