Madhesi community in Nepal demands equal Rights in Constitution

Nepal, Dec 04 (ANI): The Madhesi Community in Nepal has demanded that the Government must address their genuine concerns. Since the promulgation of the new constitution in September this year, Madheshi community has been agitating across the Terai region of the Himalayan nation.

The Madheshi community has been demanding equal rights in the newly formed constitution.

The protesters have resorted to violence and economic blockade to protest the government’s apathy to their demands. Madheshi leaders say the government is not forthcoming on their 11 demands. A Madheshi leader, Upendra Yadav, has called upon the government of Nepal to address their issues at the earliest.

The Madheshis launched the movement in 2007 after they felt marginalized by the state on issues like citizenship, employment opportunities, political participation, social recognition, etc. Madheshis allege that they have been treated unfairly and denied rights as citizens of Nepal. Several rounds of negotiations between the government and protest leaders have remained inconclusive on changing the internal boundaries of the newly created federal states.

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