If Indore Patna Express had LHB Coaches, no one would have Died

If Indore Patna Express had LHB Coaches, there would have been no Deaths due to the derailment at Pukhrayan yesterday. The tragic accident resulted in at least 128 deaths and at least 260 injuries. The two severely damaged coaches namely S1 and S2 of sleeper class, accounted for most fatalties.

In order to prevent Accidents like recent tragic derailment of Indore Patna Express, the Rail Ministry should immediately replace all existing (ICF) coaches with modern LHB Coaches.

Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches are designed to be anti-telescopic, which means it wont topple easily. Technically, the momentum of LHB coaches can be joined together to form one single body with a very heavy momentum which makes it difficult to topple. In contrast, normal ICF coaches have individual small momentum, which can be toppled easily in case of derailment or head-on collision.

LHB Coaches have lower maintenance cost higher carrying capacity and increased safety

LHB Coaches have lower maintenance cost higher carrying capacity and increased safety

LHB coaches are made of stainless steel as compared to mild steel in ICF coaches which increases its shock bearing capacity in case of a mishap. It also makes it ligher, thus increased carrying capacity.

LHB coaches have Disc brakes whereas ICF coaches have thread brake system, hence shorter stopping distance.

The coupling system in LHB coaches reduces the relative motion between two coaches and also prevents one coach rising on the other in case of any mishap.

At present, LHB Coaches are found mainly in premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and few other trains. The Government should introduce LHB coaches to all express trains immediately, even if it means increase in fares.

There are some other advantages of LHB Coaches

1. LHB coaches have an average speed of 160 kmph and a top speed of 200 kmph as compared to an average speed of 70 kmph and a top speed of 140 kmph in ICF coaches. They also have a shorter wheel base thus improved ability to negotiate curves at higher speeds.

2. LHB coaches have extra seating capacity as compared to ICF coaches (LHB 3-AC – 72 & ICF 3-AC – 64) thus increased revenue every run.

3. LHB coaches have a lower sound level of 60 Db as compared to 100 Db in ICF coaches.

4. LHB coaches have microprocessor controlled Air Conditioning system which automatically maintains the ambient coach temperature both dur

5. The coaches are equipped with Controlled discharge toilet system (CDTS), which doesn’t soil the Railway Tracks at Stations.