Fish market in Midnapore becomes a center of communal harmony

East Midnapore (West Bengal), July 17 (ANI): People taking a stroll at this beautiful sea beach are a regular scene. People from far and wide visit and explore this beautiful and clean beach in Digha town of East Midnapore district in West Bengal. Digha is the most popular sea resort in West Bengal. However, apart from being a hot tourist spot, the place is also widely known for the fish market. And the fish market is ruled not by the economics of profit and loss but by mutual co-existence of the people involved in this business who belong to different religion and caste. Their work involves catching fish together since early in the morning and selling at the retail market. Both Hindus and Muslims enjoy each other’s company at this market. Most of the fishermen stay away from home and family for several months and it is the friendship bond that binds them all like different beads in a common thread. There are several such examples which can be found in each and every nook and corner of the country. The Digha coast fish market is another such example which has reinforced our faith in the secular fabric of our country.

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