Uneducated mother sets example, takes her physically challenged daughter to school on wheel chair everyday

Balrampur (Chhattisgarh), Sep 13 (ANI): Today when parents in rural areas hesitate to send their daughters to school, this uneducated tribal mother is becoming an inspiration for all. Setting an example, a mother in Balrampur takes her physically challenged daughter Phuleshwari to school on a wheel chair every day.12-year-old Phuleshwari dreams of becoming a teacher one day to educate other kids like her. Her parents toil hard in fields to earn their bread and do not want their daughter to meet the same fate. Considering Phuleshwari’s determination towards education, the village administration and principal of the high school monitor her education. Phuleshwari’s mother is not only educating her daughter but is also inspiring other villagers to enroll their daughters in school. She has become an inspiration for everyone.

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