Meet super bull ‘Shahenshah’, who weighs 1,500 kgs and is worth Rs 25 crore

Hyderabad, Oct 17 (ANI): A bull in Hyderabad named ‘Shahenshah’ is getting all the attention with his massive size and sheer strength. Inspired by India’s most famous super bull Yuvraj, Shahenshah’s owner have brought him up with utmost care with one lakh rupees expenditure per month. Shahenshah will be taking part in the annual buffalo festival ‘Sadar’, and recently his owner was offered Rs. 25 crore to sell it. The 1,500-kg bull drinks 40 litres of milk, eats 100 apples and 5kgs of dry fruits per day with four care takers being arranged to make sure all his needs are met. Breeding Bull’s owners often earn huge amount from them as their sperm could fetch over a lakh rupees per ejaculation. Calves produced from such bulls’ semen are superior in structure and they produce more milk after attaining maturity, thus these super bulls enjoy all the luxuries to improve their breed quality.

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