UN must analyse the legal aspect of CPEC, says Baloch activist

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 13 (ANI): Speaking after a side event titled “Economical development and social justice – special reference to CPEC project” at the United Nations, Munir Mengal of Baloch Voice Association said, “The Baloch people from the first day have not recognized Pakistan as a state and the Baloch have claimed this thing that Pakistan occupied their land by force. If a country has occupied a land by force then what sort of rights that state has to make on such sort of mega projects on that land. So, these are the legal implications on CPEC, this is what this body, particularly the UN must analyse the legal aspects of CPEC that what international laws Pakistan government is violating”. The multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passes through Pakistan’s Balochistan province, which the indigenous Baloch calls as illegal and an attempt to exploit their resources.

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