Sikhs commemorate birth anniversary of warrior Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

Amritsar (Punjab), Apr 24: Devotees from around the world thronged the Golden Temple in Amritsar city to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, a Sikh warrior during the period of Sikh Confederacy in the 18th Century. At his young age, Jassa Singh fought against Nadir Shah, a Persian invader. He along with other Sikhs attacked Nadir Shah Forces, freed all slaves and send those slaves back to their families. A holy procession was started from Amritsar city to capital New Delhi to mark the occasion. The procession saw young children perform ‘Gatka’, a Sikh martial art, and demonstrate sword fighting skills, among other things. The celebrations will reach New Delhi on April 26 after traversing through Punjab and Haryana where it will culminate. A traditional programme is also scheduled to be held at the historic Red Fort in New Delhi on April 29.

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