Over 10,000 Jain devotees perform rituals to repent for their sins in Rajkot

Rajkot (Gujarat), Sep 14 (ANI): Around 11, 000 members of the Jain community came together in Gujarat’s Rajkot to conduct rituals to repent for their sins and pray for forgiveness. Devotees from all parts of Gujarat flocked to the city and performed ‘Pratikramana’, a ritual in which, Jains repent for their sins on the last day of ‘Paryushana’ festival, one of the holy events of the community celebrated for self purification. Paryushana, which means self cleansing, is significant for Jain community which marks a time of repentance, sacrifices and intense worship accompanied by fasting. During fasting period, Jains worship 24 Tirthankaras, who attained enlightenment.

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