Pakistan-backed Khalistani terrorists behind Amritsar blast

Amritsar (Punjab), Nov 20: Islamabad-backed Khalistani terrorists are allegedly behind blasts in Amritsar city. On November 18, two men on motorcycles threw a grenade at a Sikh religious gathering of about 250 people in the holy city, killing three and injuring around 20 others. The incident is a “clear case of terrorism” perpetrated by the goons aided by Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). ISI indeed has been pumping millions of dollars into reviving the Khalistan movement in India and through Sikhs For Justice, a pro-Khalistan organization based in the West, they have been carrying out numerous activities to mobilize the Sikh community. Sikhs For Justice, after witnessing the massive failure of their Referendum 2020 campaign in London, have become more impatient as they are now desperately trying to mobilize the youth of Punjab to take up arms for the ISI-funded campaign. It was only a few days ago when Punjab Police had thwarted a major pro-Khalistan module by arresting Shabnam Deep Singh, who was carrying out operations for Sikhs For Justice. The arrested terrorist was planning to attack police stations and crowded places during the festive season. Punjab Police recently arrested two other people who were affixing pro-Khalistan banners in Amritsar and the duo confessed of being paid by Sikhs For Justice to carry out the job. Sikhs for Justice have been leaving no stones unturned to disturb the communal harmony and peace that exists in Punjab for decades. But they are aware that their desperate attempts will yield them nothing and that’s why they have started targeting innocent people in the name of their satanic movement.

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