Pakistan extending full support to pro-Khalistan secessionists

Kartarpur (Pakistan), Dec 08: Sikhs For Justice, a pro-Khalistan organization that has been tirelessly propagating anti-India sentiments among the Sikh community across the globe, recently announced that it will be organizing a pro-Khalistan convention in the Kartarpur corridor on the religious occasion of Guru Nanak’s 550th birth anniversary next year. The pro-Khalistan organization, operating at the payrolls of Islamabad and its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), also announced the opening of a ‘permanent office’ in Lahore to facilitate the registration of Referendum 2020 votes- a fantasy being fuelled by Pakistan. The experts cautioned that the already strained Indo- Pak relations will further deteriorate in coming times if Islamabad continues with its duplicity and supports anti- India designs and plans to destabilize peace in India. Experts, however, are sure of the fact that these Pakistan backed forces are going to yield nothing out of these vicious plans as they have failed to gather any traction amongst the Sikh community.From launching Referendum 2020- a secessionist campaign in London to indoctrinating gullible youths from Punjab, the organisation has taken all desperate measures to hamper peace in India. However, all their efforts have gone in vain with people rebuffing their ideology time and again. The proposed convention 2019 is poised to meet the same fate. However, the recent turn of events has clearly exposed the dramaturgy and theatrics of Pakistan and its Prime Minister Imran Khan who in a bid to score brownie points from the international community has extended an olive branch to India.

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