Pakistan fuelling Khalistan movement; Indian forces, a step ahead

New Delhi, Jan 05: Assertive Indian forces, which are on a constant watch to protect the sovereignty of the country busted as many as 18 Khalistani modules in last two years confirmed a data tabled by the Union Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir on the floor of the Indian parliament. The report also that as many as 95 accused were arrested during this period. The incriminating evidence vividly suggests Islamabad’s role in ramped- up efforts being made to revive the dead Khalistan movement. Islamabad has been unrelenting in its support to the anti-India elements. It has not only been financing their endeavors, but is also giving them access to its land to devise their sinister strategies. Sikhs For Justice, an organization based in the West has been at the forefront of propagating anti-India sentiments. All their methods, however, have failed as they have not been able to garner any traction amongst the Sikh community world over. After failing to garner popular support and after almost all their sinister plans were neutralized by the Indian forces, desperate Pakistan allowed SFJ to open up a permanent office on its soil to facilitate pro-Khalisatan votes. Pakistan also allowed the secessionist groups to put anti-India hoardings and banners at the Sikh shrines in their country on the auspicious occasion of Sikh Guru Guru Nanak’s 449th birth anniversary. Today, Pakistan finds itself a globally isolated region with a rapidly mounting pressure by the United States—which has accused it of housing and nurturing terrorists. Yet, Pakistan continues to propagate anti-India sentiments and disrupt peace in the Asia region.

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