Team of chefs attempt world record by making 100 feet long dosa in Chennai

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Jan 12 (ANI): A team of chefs from Chennai tried to set the world record for the largest dosa. The team, consisting of 60 chefs, from Saravana Bhavan has already attempted to make a 100-feet-long dosa earlier at the IIT-Madras campus. Previously, Hotel Daspalla, Hyderabad, held the record for longest dosa made in the world, in 2014. The dosa measured 16.68 m (i.e. 54 ft, 8.69 inches). The 100-feet-dosa was prepared by using 37.5 kilograms of batter. The ingredients included 10 kilograms of rice flour, 2 kilograms chickpeas, 500 grams of green gram, 1 kilogram whole black gram, 500 grams salt and 9.5 litres of water. The dosa was made on a 105 feet pan specifically made for the purpose of the record, in coordination with the engineering team of Saravana Bhavan. The pan was maintained at the temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius to ensure the dosa batter didn’t set immediately. The prepared dosa was later distributed amongst the audiences.

Watch the Video below