Floods, landslides leave 28 dead in Nepal, over 16 still missing

Kathmandu (Nepal), July 14 (ANI): The death toll from the Nepal floods caused by the monsoon rains on Saturday reached 28 with over 16 persons still missing. Heavy monsoon rains for the past few days have left many settlements at high risk of floods and landslides in several places in Nepal. Transportation has also been disrupted in all major highways. Rain-fed rivers have also started to erode embankments putting nearby settlements at high risk of flooding. The Meteorological Forecasting Division in its special bulletin has warned of widespread rain from moderate to heavy scale likely to continue till Sunday. It has mentioned that the monsoon trough is presently based in the vicinity of Terai of eastern Nepal and hilly territory of western Nepal. On Sunday, complete cloudy condition is likely over most of the country and widespread rain is expected and heavy rain is likely to occur particularly at some places of eastern and central regions and at few places of western region, as per the bulletin. Whereas on Monday, widespread rain from moderate to heavy scale has been forecast and extremely heavy rain is likely to hit few places of eastern region and some parts of western hilly region.

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