Patna SP Shivdeep Lande transferred to Araria

SP Shivdeep LandePatna: The noted  Super Cop SP of Patna Mr. Shivdeep Lande has been transferred to Araria yesterday. This may have come as a boon for Criminals and Corrupt People. Lande was known for his strictness and frequent raids he conducted. One day ago he raided a Sweet shop which freed 8 children working as bonded laborers at a meager salary.

As SP Central, he had raided numerous illegal massage parlours, cyber cafes acting as sex stations or hangout for couples. Due to all these activities the Crime Graph in Patna saw a dip. He started special operation against Eve-Teasers during Festive Season.

Also known as Super Cop among his admirers, SP Lande was very humble and received all complaints wisely. A post on Facebook indicates that once he replied to an unknown caller saying ‘Welcome, I am ready to serve You’. This type of attitude is rare among Policemen.

Mr. Lande has been made the Senior SP of Araria district, while while SP of Araria Garima Malik had been made Senior SP of Darbhanga.

Shivdeep Lande is an Electrical Engineer by profession and hails from Akola in Maharashtra.