Bihar Growth Rate 2013

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Growth Rate Indicator Graph

Bihar has apparently shown incredible developments in several sector of Governance and economy. The Tax Collection in Bihar has increased by 30 percent this year compared to the national average of 15 percent. No other state is close to Bihar in this metric The State Finance Department has achieved a record 29 percent growth in…Continue Reading…

By Abhishek Bharadwaj On 31 Mar, 2013 At 10:06 AM | Categorized in Bihar
Growth Rate Indicator Graph

Economists say that Bihar has lost its pace of development. Here are reasons to prove them wrong. The Growth story of Bihar cannot be nullified on the basis of predictions.

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World Bank is elated by the High Growth Rate achieved by Bihar in recent years. In the words of a Senior Officer of World Bank, Bihar has created an encouraging environment for progress and  faster economic development Bihar has attained the highest growth rate in India with  16.71 per cent during 2011-12, as per Economic Survey Report tabled…Continue Reading…

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Bihar is India’s new miracle economy. In the five-year period between 2004-05 and 2008-09, Bihar’s GDP has grown by a stunning 11.03%, way beyond the definition of 7% growth for a “miracle economy”. In this period, Bihar – traditionally a laggard state that actually saw a 5.15% negative growth in 2003-04 – is the second…Continue Reading…