Anna Hazare finally becomes a blogger

Anna Hazare, the renowned Social Activist and true Gandhian has finally embarked to the path of blogging. He has started his blog titled Anna Hazare Says.

In his blog Anna says

We started a movement demanding that Janlokpal Bill be passed in India and slowly the crusade spearheaded in to a full-fledged non-violent revolution spilling on to the Ramlila grounds. The support of the people and my young friends was overwhelming as they came forward from every corner of the country and their cries awakened India from its deep slumber. Their cries not only shook the very roots of our country but people from world over who had fallen prey to injustice, corruption took active part in the movement. The entire movement was infectious. This was the beginning of a revolution. It was the beginning of India’s second struggle for independence. The Parliament gave us an assurance that they would put forward some our demands from the Janlokpal Bill and get them approved. But assurance doesn’t necessarily mean law. A bigger fight awaits us. The ruling class, either it’s the party in power or the opposition, is steeped in corruption and hence doesn’t give a second thought to the interest of the common man or acknowledges the tremendous rise in corruption at every level of power grid.Hence, the need of the hour is to continue with the non-violent revolution. It will be through this blog that in future, I will convey what has to be done henceforth the steps that we need to take and the direction this revolution will head towards. But before that I would like to share some of my feelings with you

He further explains,

As I sat for the fast on Ramlila grounds (though it began in Tihar Jail) the Government and a part of people in power started spreading rumors about me and our movement. It was done maliciously so as to create misunderstanding about me and the movement in the minds of the people. Their aim was to dampen the spirit of this revolution. It was only due to the sensible people of India that they could not succeed in their conniving activities. Some of them are still trying to impede my efforts. As talks progressed regarding me giving up my fast, the people who came to meet my team members, the middle-man, the Minister all of them had different versions, different assurances. Till the last moment they tried to break the movement. It was the responsibility of the government that they scrutinize the people they had sent for negotiations whether they were corrupt or had clean image. That was for the Government to think. I held talks with them considering they were Government representatives! The answers lay with the government. According to me they could be Ministers or People’s representatives. They were not here to show their gratitude towards the movement. They were mere government’s messengers carrying words to and fro on both sides. It was only when my inner voice permitted me I broke my fast after getting assurance from the government. The reason I am clearing the misconceptions here is I came to understand some government agents tried to propagate and create an image that it was the handiwork of their favorite ministers that I gave up my fast. I came across articles of self-praise, interviews published by them. This is a false propaganda. In my fight for the truth I have never ever taken decisions that went against my line of thought. The people who claim that it is because of them that the movement could be curbed are the people who are against the Indian common man and enemy of this second freedom struggle. Such people in order to end the fight against corruption are resorting to corrupt methods, as is seen.

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